Grizzled Hockey knows that hockey is more than a game, and the people who are apart of it aren’t just strangers, they’re all part of our hockey family. With that being said, cancer is something no one ever wants to deal with or see a loved one battle this horrible illness. We ask you to please take a moment to hear these stories. The first one is a friend of ours Mom, Maryann Wutitsch Kleckner who is an incredible mom and a fighter for sure. The second is someone who we’ve become close with through Grizzled, Eric Wang, who is as passionate as they come for hockey and is always willing to help. Maryann Wutitsch Kleckner was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day before Christmas last December. It was a huge blow to her family as our mother was always our rock. She’d always be taking me to hockey practice when my dad was at work, always let the refs know when they made a bad call on me, and was the first one to drink out of the cup when we won the USPHL championship. Her chemo treatments started in February and were four sessions at 3 weeks apart. She really didn’t know how badly those were going to affect her but she always kept everyone around her in good spirits. She started radiation treatments in late June and officially completed all of her treatments on July 31st. As a family we are extremely proud of how hard she has battled through it all but it’s not over yet.
For the last 5 years Eric has been battling Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. He got diagnosed in April of 2015 and unfortunately his treatment has not gone according to plan. Originally the doctors thought he would be in remission within one year, however that has not been the case. Within the last few months his numbers have started to really trend in the wrong direction. Due to the nature of his cancer and starting the transplant process, he has had to stop working and will be unable to do so for the foreseeable future. As hard as it is to ask for financial help, his wife, Jenna and him have decided to give this a shot as they are feeling quite overwhelmed with becoming a one income family right now until his disability kicks in. Any money received will go towards my medical bills, help with their regular bills, and any other expenses that may arise during this.

We urge you to please donate to their Gofundme to help show your support and show cancer who’s running the show. The links will be listed below. This isn’t THEIR fight, it’s OUR fight. #PuckCancer

Eric Wang’s GoFundMe Page

Maryann Wutitisch Kleckner’s GoFundMe Page

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