• What is being Grizzled?

 Someone who has the intangibles, that just can't be taught in the classroom or by a coach. A teammate who loves adversity and takes it head on with a positive mindset, which is shown through example. Being a rink rat, meaning the first to arrive and last to leave, with a confident but not cocky attitude and who's will to win is immeasurable at all times...

If you want to be defined as Grizzled, it takes dedication. It takes hours of practice to become the right player. The player any coach will take over someone who just has talent alone. Knowing the right way to play the game and never cheating it. #1 thing is to always be the best teammate you can be. Now that it Grizzled. 


  • Our Story

For the last couple of years I have wanted to make a hockey based clothing company. My goalie partner from this past season, (Anthony Del Tufo (right) and (myself) Anthony Shrum, pictured left), were discussing a t-shirt idea I had. After some discussion, we thought why not make more than that. Why not create a company for players by players? What better way to make what players want than to create them ourselves! GRIZZLED'S goal is to provide some authentic and affordable clothing, which allows you to be GRIZZLED in the locker room, at the beach, or as of right now, in your home.

We have roots all over the place with Anthony Shrum being from West Michigan, playing juniors in Philadelphia, PA, and now college hockey at Worcester State (NCAA D3) in Worcester, MA. Anthony Del Tufo has roots being from North Jersey, playing junior hockey in Maryland and Philadelphia, PA, and now playing college at Plattsburgh State (NCAA D3) in Plattsburgh, NY. 

Our main goal is to be a support system for hockey players. We want to help whoever we can and give back as much as possible. GRIZZLED meant to be an awesome brand for hockey players out there, but also the name known for being the ones who are always helping. As current players we know the physical and mental toll of the game. It is always good to know you have someone to talk to as well. We are just two players trying to make an impact on the hockey world. 

Get excited because I know we are!